Translated Taekwondo means, "The way of the foot & hand".

Adirondack Taekwondo & Fitness Center utilizes four major aspects of Taekwondo within our curriculum: Traditional and Competitive forms, Olympic Sparring / Sport Taekwondo, board breaking and self-defence to provide our students with the best possible Taekwondo instruction and personal protection.

Traditional & Competitive Forms


Child perfecting his form

Form training instills discipline, focus, and pattern recognition while performing a series of techniques that are designed against imaginary attackers.Training in forms allows our students the opportunity for a full body workout while memorizing each form and the practical application of each Taekwondo technique.

Olympic Sparring / Creative Sport Taekwondo, CST


Sparring is one of the most astonishing aspects of Taekwondo. All of our students are taught basic sparring techniques using targets, chest protectors and basic drills designed for sparring in a safe and effective manner. We also offer advanced Olympic sparring / Creative Sport Taekwondo classes throughout the week to students who participate and train for championships.

Board Breaking / Brick Breaking


A student breaking a board w/ a round kick


One of our adult Black Belt's breaking bricks!

Confidence and focus is needed to demonstrate proficiency when breaking boards & bricks. All our students are instructed in the proper mechanics of board breaking. When our students feel confident with a technique they have the opportunity to “test their skill” by breaking a board during their rank test, seminars and championships.



Adult Self-Defense!

Knowing that self-defense and Sport Taekwondo are two totally different situations, our self-defense techniques are designed to use all ranges of hand strikes and standing self-defense techniques to escape from an attacker while getting in the best shape of their lives. In addition to our self-defense techniques we offer special seminars with guest instructors throughout the year to further our self-defense, knowledge and skill.

To register for classes please call 518.373.0442 or complete the CONTACT US page and we will be happy to schedule you and your families first lessons.