Back-to-School and better than ever


Back-to-School means BACK TO SKILL at Adirondack Taekwondo! As yourself, "What does my child need to succeed in school"? Focus. Self-esteem. Persistence. Respect. All things that are taught at Adirondack Taekwondo everyday.

For almost twenty years at Adirondack Taekwondo parents have told us that their children have learned so much more than punches and kicks in our program. That they are learning skills that help them in school and in life.

Our School Owner, Master Michael A. Yuhasz a seventh degree Black Belt also has his degree in Elementary Education. "Our students are taught Taekwondo and the charater traits that Elementary School Teachers look for everyday in thier classrooms. These skills will last them a lifetime".

And right now, your child can get THREE weeks and a FREE uniform for $39.95. This is the perfect time to start Taekwondo.