Woman's Self-Defense

We see the same things every day; our news is flooded with disasters and violent crime on a daily basis. High Schools and college campuses schedule random "lock down" drills as preventive measures fo campus violence. Sadly we tend to "tune out" the evening news or just skim past the internet news to escape the reality that surrounds us and our families.

We feel the same way and decided to do something about it. With the help of a local Law Firm, the NYS Troopers and a few other martial arts experts we started teaching - Practical Self-Defence for Today's World. This is not Taekwondo and not for young children. The course is designed for teenage girls and woman of all ages. It includes awareness, proper boundaries and how to escape from an attacker. This course is clean and to the point. Woman of all ages should know these basic verbal, emotional and physical techniques.

What people are saying... 

I attended this class with myteenage daughter Ashleigh, and I am very glad that we did. We were taught how to be AWARE of our surroundings, and potential dangers. We learned verbal and physical techniques on how to defend ourselves and our personal space.

Having a daughter who is on her way to college this class gave me the peace of mind I needed to know that she will be able to defend and protect herself if needed...".

Our Practical Self-Defense for Today's World sessions are offered throughout the year and scheduled for private groups as well. Each session is between two and three hours and offered at $79 per person or $99 for tow family members. Group discounts are available. Please call 518-373-0442 to schedule a session today.