Adirondack Taekwondo Seminar and Workshops

Anti-Bully & Confidence Workshop *


Master Yuhasz at a local School District

Adirondack Taekwondo is the leader when educating children about bully and cyber-bullying awareness. We have created a workshop that will stop bullying and give your child the tools they need to understand what bullying is and who they can turn to when it happens while being an upstander. Our Confidence & Anti-Bully Workshop has been developed with the District Attorney's Office, the NY State Troopers and is available for local School Districts, PTA's, Boy & Girl Scout Troops, Churches and other groups who want to empower their children. Call 518.373.044 or visit the Contact Us page to schedule your School or group today. 

Concentration Workshops

Adirondack Taekwondo & Fitness Center, Inc. offers Concentration Workshops for children ages 4-11 years old. During the workshop children gain "life skills" such as: FOCUS, CONCENTRATION, and SELF-CONTROL through fun activities using various Taekwondo techniques in a non-violent manner. This workshop is offered to elementary schools, PTA's, and other non-profit groups. 

Stranger Danger Workshop

Adirondack's Stranger Danger Workshop has been developed along side the NYS Troopers and has hosted events together during various times of the year. Due to the subject being shared parents must be present during the workshop.  Topics include: Who is and who isn't a stranger, 911 phone procedure, area codes and proper phone usage, BLOGS and internet awareness, code words, and basic self-defense techniques. Stranger Danger Workshops can be scheduled for your group by calling (518) 373-0442. 

Business Team Building Seminars through Board Breaking 

Team building through board breaking is powerful! If you and your company are looking for a great way to motivate your team than look no further. Each seminar is custom to fit the needs and goals of your company. During the seminar Master Michael A. Yuhasz uses key martial art concepts which include: perseverance, indomitable spirit, goal setting and of course board breaking. Each participant (who is willing) will have the opportunity to break a board at the end of the seminar.  Your company is not just breaking boards, your company is breaking barriers and taking the next step towards a productive year! To schedule your Team Building Seminar call (518) 373-0442 or email