Elementary Schools

The first grade teachers from Tesago Elementary are delighted that Michael Yuhasz from Adirondack Tae Kwon Do is able to return to us this year.We have found that his "Tae Kwon Do School Concentration" presentation is very effective with young children. In addition to being very enjoyable, it reinforces the importance of focus, concentration and self-control in school. Mr. Yuhasz is able to grasp and keep the attention of a large group of five to seven year olds through his engaging style and personality. We look forward to this year's presentation and those in years to come.

Sincerely - Tesago's 1st Grade Team

On behalf of our entire grade 6 student body, we would like to thank you for your participation in our grade 6 Activity Day on Friday.Both your time and talent were appreciated for the day.

Well before the day, a number of students were inquiring about your participation and anxious to be sure that they could be in your workshop. Your workshops were informative and the students fully enjoyed their participation.

Community involvement is often a key to successful endeavors at school. Your participation this April made our grade 6 Activity Day a resounding success.

Sincerely - Jill A. Bush & Thom P. Van Gelder

Middle & High School

On behalf of the business department, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your business day to come and speak to our students. Your words of advice were inspirational and motivational. The insite you provided students with cannot be taught from a text book or learned from a movie. It is entrepreneurs like you that inspire young adults to dream and aspire to achieve great things.

Once again, your time and energy is much appreciated. You are welcome in my classroom at any time. I wish you much luck and success with your business venture.

Cordially - Laura Tarlo M.S. Education, Business Teacher & CEIP Coordinator